Thermal Energy Storage

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Sav PCM based Thermal Energy Storage Systems

The principle of Thermal Energy Storage is simple. Night time low cost electricity is used to store energy as sensible heat or/and latent heat. The stored energy is then used for the cooling needs during the peak demand hours. Thermal Energy Storage systems can be designed using chilled water, ice and macro-encapsulated phase change material (PCM).

Phase Change Material (PCM) based Latent Heat Storage system for Thermal Energy Storage:

Phase Change Material modules installed in the chilled water tank has proven to increase the energy density and improve the performance of water and ice based thermal energy storage systems. PCM in the supplementary tank is charged by the chiller during off peak hours. During peak demand hours the cooling is achieved by the stored energy in the PCM energy storage tank. The heat exchange fluid is bypassed from through PCM tank. This stabilizes the load during peak demand hours and shifts the load to the off peak period. The cost difference between the off peak period rates and peak hour rates, accounts for additional cost savings.

Advantages of Thermal Energy Storage Systems: